Locks Liberation


Capsize 8x8 

Unleash the “Locks Liberation” Half-Wig—ideal for those seeking generous coverage. It’s a game-changer for diffusely thinning hair, offering the density you’ve been missing post-extensions. Pair it with your extensions for an extra oomph on nights out. This half topper is a declaration of independence for strands weary from the hair extension grind. It’s a breeze to wear and a chic ally for that added swish.

For the seasoned extension enthusiast looking for a hiatus, this half-wig winks at change and gives your natural hair the well-deserved breather it's been longing for. Say adios to extension exhaustion and hello to a fresh, full-bodied look. With "Locks Liberation," change your style as you change your mood—and let every strand shout freedom!

Toppers are sent uncut, unless otherwise discussed.  You are advised to take your piece to your stylist for a cut and blend in with your natural hair.

Toppers can change colour by a trained stylist but it is not recommended to lighten the piece as the bleach can change the integrity of the hair. 

Jo Hair Studio makes every effort to display the true colour of each piece.

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